Would you like to learn to recognise which colours help to bring your energy back to equilibrium? 


To restore a sense of peace, connect with your own intuition and receive valuable insights, to understand and communicate in a more meaningful way with each other? 


Would you like to move beyond small talk and old patterns of communication that often cause misunderstandings? 

To create a feel good factor and help to clarify goals?    




The Aura-Soma Colour system gives us an opportunity to sit together and to open a space between us where we come to a quiet space within ourselves, reflect on your situation, retrieving from deep within what is already present in your subconscious mind, see your reflection, your light, and what is needed to unblock the situation. All of this occurs organically. As a facilitator, my role is to make this possible by creating a safe space where you feel comfortable enough to move deeper within yourself and connect with your intuition, draw your own conclusions while I gently stir the conversation to allow that process to enfold.

MarieAngeline Lascaux picking a Colour
MarieAngeline Lascaux giving an AuraSoma consultation

This is totally non-intrusive in the sense that through the whole process, I don’t impose my will or ideas on you: you choose the colours you are drawn to and you decide how deep the session goes, depending on what is necessary at any given moment, and what you are ready to look at.
The Aura-Soma Colour Care System helps to bring you in touch with your depth, relatedness, heart, and personal substance. As an Aura-Soma practitioner, my role is to witness what your soul presents to me. When we regard the soul with an open mind, we begin to find the messages that lie behind your condition, we allow more of it to be seen and experienced and for you to reclaim ownership of it and to find a new way to care for your soul in all the little ways.

This allows the soul to emerge to the surface more fully and for you to reclaim and heal any part of your soul that had separated from source due to challenging circumstances. This “home coming” occurs through creating a safe space where you have the possibility to reconnect and gently nurture deepest aspects of yourself and give these a creative expression without the fear of being judged, rejected or ignored.