Cutting of Ties is a specific healing technique that enables you to free yourself from the negative impact people or situations have on your life. You can cut the ties with family members, past or present lovers, friends, work colleagues, clients...

The beauty is that you don’t have to end those relationships, you are only cutting the negative impact , thereby creating space for the positive side of these relationships to blossom.

In some cases, when a relationship has ended or the relationship is entirely negative, it may give you the strength to move on... This technique can also be useful if you who have been bereaved, suffered a miscarriage, or had to give up on a dream...

It can also be applied to behavioural patterns, negative thoughts, addictions, childhood traumas illnesses... anything that causes you to feel drained or unhappy...


The first step is to identify what the core issue is. Often when you present with one difficulty, it can have its roots in an earlier situation...

Together, we unravel the problem or situation until we have a clear idea of what you wish to cut the ties and what are the gifts you wish to preserve from it.

You are then invited to lie down fully dressed on the plinth (massage table) or if you prefer, I can also perform this technique while you are sitting in a comfortable chair (or wheelchair).

“Cutting of the Ties” involves a blend of intuitive healing and visualization infused with Reiki, Seichem and Shamanic influences.

I will help you fill the void with positive energy, balance your chakras, and wrap you in a protective cocoon of colour light to seal and protect your aura.

This is a gentle yet powerful technique, the positive effects of which is usually felt immediately.

In some instances, you might be invited and shown how to reinforce this session with some positive affirmations and visualizations.