Irish Spirituality Then and Now

  1. Irish Festivals, myths and legends
  2. Irish Druids and God's Healing Garden
  3. Irish Fairies and Leprauchauns and Sacred Geometry
  4. Irish Shamanism and Drumming
  5. Irish Gospel Choir and the work of Sli Eile
  6. Irish monks of Wicklow


Dancing through Life in Dublin

  1. Historic
  2. Social
  3. Community
  4. Healing


Inspiring Elders

  1. Facts and fiction about ageing
  2. The role of the Elders in ancient Societies
  3. Positive Ageing
  4. Being of Service
  5. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food
  6. New Career
  7. Sacred Geometry
  8. Art and musicality
  9. Dancing through the golden years
  10. Golden age healers
  11. Spirituality
  12. Living a fulfilled Life
  13. Conclusion



  1. Facts and fiction about addiction
  2. From darkness to light
  3. Web of Healing
  4. Spreading Hope in the Community
  5. Moving forward