Intuitive healing is a healing which blends together various techniques including working with divine guidance and is tailored to the needs of the client.

When I see a client for the first time we first sit down for a consultation to get a feel for what is most appropriate within the current circumstances of the client. This includes current symptoms as well as medical history. We set a clear intention for the healing and we decide on the best approach for this particular session.


Reiki is an ancient art of using the universal life force to activate our potential for self-healing, for becoming whole. It is easy to use, natural and a very powerful tool in our spiritual enfolding.

Reiki connects us with the source and the essence of life. It deepens our awareness of our divine essence. It strengthens our intuition and our clarity. It releases emotional blockages, It releases stress and creates deep relaxation, It activates the body's natural ability to heal itself.


You usually lie down on a plinth (massage table) fully clothed, while the Reiki practitioner uses gentle, non-intrusive touch, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through her hands.

A Reiki session works like a "jump start", helping you to reconnect more fully with your own spiritual essence, with the flow of life force in you. The energy comes directly from the highest power and it always adjusts to the receiver. It detoxifies the body and raises the vibration of the whole energy system. The energy's inherent wisdom will find the cause of the ailment and will harmonize body, mind, emotions, and spirit as needed.


Cliona's Testimonial

I have taken part in Reiki level 1 which I thoroughly enjoyed. Marie Angeline is a true healer, really passionate and has an amazing knowledge about Reiki which she shares with the group using using loads of hands on practice. I found the two days gave me treat healing personally and I left feeling a sense of calm I had never experienced before. I hope to share the gift Marie Angeline has passed on to me to help others in my life. Thank you for making the weekend so special and for passing on this wonderful gift.